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Walking Backwards.
A millipede’s efforts to retrace his steps,
without tangling his legs,
without tripping on sense;
one day at a time; just one day at a time.
Rambling efforts through breaths.
Rambling seconds in rhyme.
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Paradoxical Motivation
Fireflies caught in a paradoxical flight;
to float through the sun
or to brave the night.
Motivating a stir,
to demote their own light.
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Far out into Sea
Monsters that come alive in the
children who haunt the depths of the
paintings that revive the madness of
those on the island lost to the ocean.
How the paintings would come alive when you looked closely,
to distract you from the fact that the island was sinking again to its watery tomb.
How the ships would rebel by falling deep into the waters,
and refuse to rise before the island were to join them at the bottom of the ocean.
A lost civilization born on a speck of missing map,
with a thirst for organic blood and an aroma of the most attractive nature. It calls.
A museum of memoirs courtest of the cult,
who valued the islands skill for technological advances of an abstract alternative. And it kills.
It was a love story between elements,
an attraction between inanimate objects,
a settlement bet
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Miss Cat D Gerwig | Ci Studio
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Welcome to the DeviantArt page of Miss Cat D Gerwig, and her online studio asylum of Creative Insomnia. Illustrator, writer, Photographer and designer, miss Cat encourages that anything and everything can result in a motivation for creation, and that an unrestrained philosophy is the most powerful trait that any individual could possibly possess. Freedom of thought is her most sincere message and goal to be translated through her work, psychology being her greatest inspiration of all.
Miss Cat is presently working on a double education in Psychology and Digital Arts, to expand her knowledge of the variation between digital and traditional media in the creative field, and to improve her greatest psychological inspiration and motivation in her personal work, passionate interest and overall philosophy.

"I am a creator and a thinker." She states, "Being both, one must not be held back by anything deterring a productive outcome. Take part in my vision in life: Open your mind."

Facebook: MyCreativeInsomnia
Twitter: TwiztedWhisperz
Tumblr: DeliriumRetrospect
Instagram: DeliriumRetrospect

Courtesy of Creative Insomnia~

I know that no one is going to read this, but I still think it’s something worth sharing.

I was asked by someone on DeviantArt, today, why I sometimes post controversial material that people don’t like. [A lot of my stamps and old dark art get a lot of criticism for some of the satirical elements that they spread and the sarcastic jokes that they make:… ]
My answer was simple,

“I simply don’t care what others think.”

There really is more to it than that, though.
You see, I’ve been blogging for a very long time, now, a /very long time/. I’ve been blogging since before it was popular, since before everyone had a little piece of the web that represented who they were and their boring lives; back when people actually had to work for the resources used to create that blog, how it looked, what it stood for and how to get their material out and seen by the outside world. I’ve been following blogs and blogging original material since before social networking website ruled the world, followers and likes “actually mattered,” “re-blogging” was easily accessible, and like a virus spurred from an addiction to cyber-inspired attention - before spam-bots and advertisements polluted every corner of the web.
There was no such thing as hashtags, Google wasn’t biased by cookies and your interest activity, social networking sites were in few numbers, and for the ones in which did exist, they were often rather humbled; getting by on user donations rather than flooding their viewer with advertisements. [#Wikipedia is fighting this right now, I recommend you support their cause with a donation if you appreciate their service and equally hope to keep it clean of such parasitic elements] Each and every website wasn’t constantly linked via various applications, and “Follow” & “Like” buttons, for the longest time, didn’t even exist. I’m sure you get the idea. We’re spoiled, these days, we really are.

Back then, how many people liked your material and followed your feed didn’t really matter. It was cool and all, if someone actually cared enough for what it was that you were posting to keep up with your casual content, it was something to appreciate instead of numbers to collect, but it wasn’t a psychological requirement for the participation in such a hobby. Blogging text, posting material and casting artistic elements was, for most people, no more than just a public, digital journal. [Meaning of Blog = “Web Log”] Most people didn’t care what others thought, their material was meant to carry an original theme and spread an idea, even if that meant upsetting a few people in the process. It was meant for inspiring individuals with similar interests, and, often time, keeping a log of the bloggers’ most interesting, worthwhile experiences and accomplishments. It saddens me, what the Internet has become by this day-and-age.


With that said, I just can’t help but /not/ carry the popular ideology that the opinions of others effect what material one choses to post - and that idea goes for everyone.
On a personal level, I post material that I feel means something, if not to one person, then for another. Whether that means sharing the excrements of my adventures in cosmetics, design, art, food, health, music, pop-culture or urban & suburban exploration; posting controversial ideas that I feel either too many people in this world ignore or are oblivious to; posting comedic, sarcastic satire and dark art to get a good laugh out of the irony found in every corner of this taken much-too-serious planet; sharing educational information on subject matter that fascinates me; and posting personal philosophy that I feel governs this silly existence we all live in; it’s something that I think is worth sharing with others who share similar interests or are willing to open themselves up to something new. [Run-On sentence, much?] I’m an advocate of awareness and believe in spreading an idea. Upsetting a few people here and there is worth it, if it means sending a message - even if the majority of one’s audience is too dull to end up understanding it.

When it comes to the point of hindering my interest in spreading the word and letting it affect the material I intend to communicate - whether that means posting material that people don’t like or making fun of things that you can’t deny people take too seriously - I suppose you could consider it my way of naturally rebelling against popular behavior and conventional thought.
I spend a lot of time thinking about things that fascinate me, I am admittedly a very opinionated person, my experiences have taught me how to laugh at the dark things in life, and if someone doesn’t like my work, then they don’t have to follow my feed. Simple as that.


 - I appreciate the appreciators. - You’re awesome for keeping up with my posts and I value your input whenever you give it.
 - I appreciate modern day resources - Despite my disdain in how polluted they are these days; they definitely do make it easier to send a message and share an idea.
 - I appreciate worldwide access to the Internet above anything and everything else - a persistent source of knowledge, interaction and information is my candy.


I apologize, I’m sure I’ve already posted plenty of material representing this very idea, but that’s okay, because I enjoy writing, I enjoy thinking, I enjoy spreading said idea, and if someone doesn’t like it, then that’s there problem. Open your mind to the message withheld. 

Now I dare you to post original material, at least once and every now and then. Appreciate the good, appreciate the bad, and learn from everything.


Don’t just become another blog zombie, please, I beg of you~
 - Cat D Gerwig [2/15/15]


Update to All DA Watchers:
It's a super-sadness, but I'm sure it's obvious that I've become a bit inactive, teehee... Posting on DA just take too much effort these days, I'm afraid. The good news is, I am somewhat of drawing again. I have a lot of future things coming to me right now, and Instagram is my most active outlet [DeliriumRetrospect], which reposts to my Twitter. My secondary most active outlet is indeed Twitter [TwiztedWhisperz]. Both repost to my Facebook [MyCreativeInsomnia], and my Instagram reposts to my Tumblr [DeliriumRetrospect]. All social networking links are otherwise quite easily available via my website,

Hopefully I'll become re-active soon, after I start devoting my life to art instead of graphic and web design again. Then we shall see how things turn out. Otherwise, Happy 2015, my friends. [Uhhhhg, the year is already going by waaaaaay too fast...] Have a good one~
Miss Cat

  • Listening to: The sweet company of silence.
  • Reading: Your mind. DuH.
  • Watching: Myself write silly ideology on Social Networking
  • Playing: Endless Thought and Microsoft Word.
  • Eating: ..Meow.
  • Drinking: The exhaust of endless mental life juice.


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